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How to use the Law Of Attraction to create a better relationship with your child or anyone!

Create the best relationship using the law of attraction

The "law of attraction" phrase has become increasingly popular over the past ten years and more people understand exactly what it is, but most of us are not implementing this technique to raise our energy to better, happier relationships.  

The law of attraction states that what we put our thoughts or focus upon, we receive into our life.  Therefore, if we focus upon not having a good relationship with your children we are in the mind set of constantly not having good relationships.  It is not until you shift your focus to better thoughts such as, "I always make things work." "I always have the best patience with my children."  By replacing your bad thought with better ones you not only attract a better feeling emotion but you spark a fire inside of you to truly make things work out for you.  

In order for the law of attraction to give you continuous success you must view it as a tipping scale and your good thoughts (in total) must out weigh the bad thoughts.  You can not say, "well, I asked for a good relationship but it is still bad."  That is because you still put out the consistent energy of having the "lack of," which in turn tips the scale against you and not for you.  I truly believe by changing our thoughts we change our lives.  Even if you say this sounds wishy-washy, wouldn't you want to have happier thoughts in life anyways?  I mean, if were going to "think" we might as well make them good thoughts! 

Let's dive into how we can use this in order to have a healthy and happier relationship.  First of all, it starts with you, so in the morning you can chant something along the lines of, "I am powerful and always possess the best love to my children and they always show love and respect back."  Firstly, we are starting off our day with a positive thought and trust me it actually works, you will actually find yourself having more patience with them right off the bat!  Don't believe me give it a shot.  Now, again, we can not just say one thing and hope our lives change like Cinderella.  Constantly throughout the day we want to continuously search for better thoughts such as,  "I have the energy to keep up with my kids."  "I am open to fixing my relationship because I love my children very much."  In order for it to give you long lasting success you have to tip the scale of happier thoughts.  I feel this step is over looked, because the basis is very simple but no one mentions sustaining it by constantly drilling it into your mind.

Share the law of attraction idea with your child as well.  Teach them what to say and together you can create a list of happy thoughts that you can both say, morning and night.  Having a child start their day off with love and positive affirmation, not only wakes them up on the right side of the bed but also boost their confidence and builds their character.  If you can do it together and let it grow into a great habit of speaking positive affirmation, then I have no doubt you will be receiving that into your life.  At the bottom of this article is a list of great children friendly affirmations.   

I would attempt to chant happy thoughts at least 15-25 times per day! The more the merrier honestly, you can't have too many good things! 

Try this out for one week, with STRICT consistency!  Put a mark on your hand to remind yourself if you have to but trust me with in one week you will find yourself having a better relationship, it is that easy.  

So why is this working?  If you can successfully shift your thoughts to better thoughts you will actually ease the over loaded stress from your bad thoughts giving you an emotional break.  People don't actually stop to think how their thoughts are actually effecting their outcomes.  Once we really begin to analyze and break down our thoughts and begin to alter them, we can begin to see a change.  Most of us can say, "well, I'm pretty happy in my life." Which I am sure you are but we need to actually dig deeper into our thoughts and consciously think about how the thoughts make us feel.  Thoughts and feelings go hand in hand.  When you are yelling and annoyed with your children you are "feeling" upset and stressed.  If you are laughing and playing hide in go seek, you are "feeling" happy and at ease.  The choice is yours and which thoughts you are going to pick and choose.  No one "makes" you think bad thoughts regardless of the situation, you choose ALL thoughts!  If someone is yelling at you, you can "think" of yelling back or you can "think" of ways to talk calming about the situation, again the choice is completely yours.  It's the continual chanting of positive thoughts that will make the difference. 

How adorable are these cards?  My husband bought these law of attraction cards for my birthday and not only are they so cute they are awesome and I absolutely love them.

Law of Attraction Cards

Now, don't waste any more time, start today, start right now!  Think a million happy thoughts if you have too, again you can never think of too many thoughts that feel good.   I think tons of happy thoughts and chant positive mantra's while drinking coffee, eating breakfast, showering, getting dress, doing my hair etc.  You can do it too! 

Friendly affirmation for every age that BOOST the LAW OF ATTRACTION

Age 3-6
I am smart and I have awesome and fun days.
I love laughing and will laugh a lot today.
I am happy and my belly is full.
I am nice to my friends and they love to share with me.
I love to share with my friends.

Age 7-10
I am confident and I love myself.
My day at school is going to rock.
I listen and learn from others.
I am happy to help someone in need.
I am smart and can always think of the answers.
My body is perfect.
I love my parents and they love me.

Age 10-15
When I look into the mirror I see beauty.
I am perfect and completely happy with who I am becoming.
I am smart and school is easy.
I always ace my tests.
I have so many friends that love me.
I love helping others.
I am loved by my family.
Who I am is amazing.
I am confident and can stand up for myself.

Age 15-18
I am going places in my life.
I am successful in high school.
I am connected and love every part of me.
I have the best relationships with people.
I kick butt at my job.
I make the best choices.
I can talk to people with ease.
People love being around me.
I influence others to be the best they can be.

Age 18+
I am a great mom/dad.
I am a great friend.
I am a great wife/husband.
Each day my days get better and better.
I am growing into the best possible version of myself.
All my struggles make me strong and I overcome hard times with ease.
I build relationships everyday and people love being around me.
I own my mistakes and do the best I can to be better then yesterday.
I have so much love to give.
I receive so much love.
My broken heart is healing everyday and I can't wait for someone knew to sweep me off my feet.
I am awesome.
I am the perfect catch.
Money flows to me effortlessly
I always stumble into amazing opportunities.
Money finds me everywhere I go.


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